Frequent Questions

How do I sign up?

When we receive your deposit we will register you for a workshop automatically. If you are signing up for more than one person, more than one workshop, or are new to TBPW, please fill out the contact form located here . Please include your address, phone number and email if you are new to us so we can mail you a trip packet.

How do I pay the Deposit?

Method 1 Pay Pal

The easiest way to sign up is to pay with Pay Pal from the buttons on each webpage. You do not need to have a Pay Pal account…..just pay with your credit card. Pay Pal is one of the most secure online payment options available. PayPal buttons are below.

Method 2 Call Us at (970) 631-9383

If you prefer, we can also sign you up over the phone with a credit card number and expiration date. If you do not get through on your first try, leave a message for us on the contact page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Method 3 Send a Check

A third option is to send a check through the mail to our address on the right. Since this is a slower method, it is possible that a trip may fill while your check is on the way. You can let us know a check is coming on our contact page, and we will save a space for you.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

We work hard to provide an outstanding workshop experience. However, Tom Bol Photo Workshops does not have any control of the weather, natural disasters, or any other emergencies that might affect the trip. Travel insurance should be purchased to cover any missed flights, medical problems, emergencies or cancellations that may affect your trip.

By booking a trip with Tom Bol Photo Workshops, you agree to the following:


  • 121 days or more prior to the start of the workshop your deposit will be refunded less $100. For international or Alaska workshops the service charge is $300.
  • Between 121-90 days prior to the start of the workshop, we will retain your full deposit.
  • 90 days and fewer to the start of the workshop your entire workshop fee is retained.

There are circumstances where Tom Bol Photo Workshops may cancel a workshop 30 days or more prior to that event. Should cancellation occur, we will refund what you have paid for the workshop fee unless it is a case of force majeure (see below). Tom Bol Photo Workshops assumes no liability whatsoever for penalties incurred by you from airlines or any other sources. This is why we recommend travel insurance for all of our workshops.

Force Majeure: “Force Majeure” means that TBPW will not be liable for any alleged damages because of any circumstances including, but without limitation, explosion, flood, storm, fire, war or threat of war, civil disturbance, sickness, quarantine, weather conditions or other untoward occurrences. If TBPW is affected by Force Majeure it will notify you of the nature and extent of the incidence. TBPW may vary or cancel an itinerary in cases of force majeure. Refunds or partial refunds will be at the sole and absolute discretion of TBPW. TBPW will attempt to reimburse you where possible however we will deduct from any refund the reasonable actual and potential costs to TBPW of the Force Majeure


Other Frequently Asked Questions

How are you dealing with covid?

We care about the health and safety of our participants and want to let you know what you can expect for covid prevention in 2023:

  • We encourage participants to be vaccinated to protect the individual and the group.
  • All costs of PCR tests, quarantine and medical expenses due to covid are the responsibility of the individual. Medical evacuations or quarantine costs are also not covered by TBPW.
  • We encourage participants to wear masks when traveling through an airport and on a plane before a workshop begins.
  • Attend pre-trip Zoom meeting to answer any questions you might have on trip safety.
  • Monitor your health during and before the workshop.  If you feel sick before the workshop, please do not attend. During the workshop immediately notify Tom or Cree if you feel sick, or learn you have been recently exposed to a confirmed Covid-19 case up to 14 days prior to the workshop.  Proper course of action will be determined by TBPW at that time.
  • We recommend purchasing rapid tests to take with you on workshops. If you feel any symptoms of covid, we recommend using the rapid test. Please do not assume it is just a cold or an allergy.
  • In case of possible quarantine we recommend having emergency travel insurance and bringing 14 days of extra personal medication.

Family Members on Trips If my spouse wants to go along on a trip but not photograph is there a charge? For international workshops and workshops in Alaska, anyone who is on the trip will need to pay full price. For workshops in the continental United States, there is no charge for spouses or other family members to come along if they are independent of the group. Because of group size limits on wilderness permits, we can only have paid trip participants accompany us while shooting. We aim to keep our group size limited to 12 participants on trips. Our Costa Rica Workshop is perfect for non-photographing travel partners

Referral Discounts: Do you offer any discounts on photo workshops? Yes we do. We rely heavily on word of mouth. If you refer a new client to us who signs up for a trip, we will gladly give you a $100 discount on your next trip.

Interest List: Why do some trips fill so quickly? Upcoming trips are often a topic of conversation on workshops. When clients hear about an upcoming trip, they can request to be put on our Interest List. This ensures that they hear about that particular trip just prior to it being posted on our website. A reservation is only confirmed after we receive the trip deposit.

Difficulty Level and Expectations: We rate each of the workshops from Easy thru Difficult based on their physical challenges. Participants must be able to carry all of their own gear including tripods and keep up with the group while on workshops. In addition we expect that all of our participants will be positive and cooperative in a group setting. Negative behaviors or the physical inability to keep up with the group on a workshop is grounds for removal from the workshop as determined by the trip leaders. We reserve the right to refuse service on future trips if they do not meet these expectations.

Inclement Weather: Some of our best photographs happen during inclement weather. Occasionally weather will be so harsh for camera gear that we will stay inside and work on technique slideshows, image critics and post-processing. There will be no refunds for inclement weather.

Booking hotels before and after workshops: Participants often choose to add extra days before and after workshops, especially on international trips. We encourage participants to book their own hotel room directly with the hotel staff.

Use of Name and Likeness: We reserve the right to take photographs or videos during the operation of any workshop and to use the resulting photography in whole or in part for promotional purposes, including, but not limited to: advertising and publicity both in print and electronic media. By booking a reservation with Tom Bol Photo Workshops participants agree to allow their images to be used in such photography; participants who prefer that their image not be used are asked to identify themselves at the beginning of their workshop. We also reserve the right to use, in all or in part, any written reviews you may provide to us in our advertising and publicity both in print and electronic media.

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