EBOOKS by Tom Bol

30 Lessons in Composition

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Tom takes an in-depth look at some of his most popular images spanning a 30-year photography career.  He discusses how to bring your vision to life, and create images, not snapshots.  He will help you identify strong compositional elements, and what pitfalls to avoid.  You will learn a wide variety of technical skills as well as including tips for aerial photography, underwater photography, travel photography and portraiture.  Every photographer will take away valuable information from this book.  

Composition EBook

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The Practical Lighting Handbook

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Understanding flash opens up a world of possibilities for any photographer.  Whether it is adding fill light to a scarlet macaw in the jungle, or creating a stunning travel portrait using speedlights, adding flash can bring your photography to a new level.  He discusses the characteristics of light, the basic operation of speedlights and studio strobes, and illustrates simple lighting techniques.  He will show you how to create simple one light travel portraits to multiple light environmental portraits. 

Lighting EBook

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Create Better Photographs

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Interested in learning about photography from Tom without joining him on a workshop? This 48 page book will cover many of the topics we address on our workshops, such as how to use color, black and white conversion, digital workflow, composition and getting the right exposure. This is the perfect general guide to photography for those who want to get outside and start taking stunning photographs.

Travel Photography Ebook

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All Three of Tom’s Ebooks

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