Bird Photography

Available upon request for groups of 3 or more

Details:  If you have traveled with us in the field before, you know that Tom and Cree have a life long fascination with birds. We have been photographing birds ever since we first picked up a camera. We want to share with you what we have learned through the years about photographing birds from the Arctic to the Antarctic and all points in between. 

New this class: each night you will receive a video from a field session that we will discuss the following day in class. This will help you understand the strategies we use while out photographing birds.

This class is for all skills levels. Assignments are designed for photographing near home. Each day will include  90 minutes of demonstrations, tips, techniques and editing suggestions. We will use Zoom to interact online for our sessions

Schedule of topics:

Lesson 1 : 1) The gear you really need to photograph birds 2) Basic camera settings 3) Bird portraits

Lesson 2 : 1) Getting close to birds 2) Backgrounds and Foregrounds 3) Bird behavior 4) How to find birds

Lesson 3 : 1) Birds in flight 2) Wing position 3) Slower shutter speeds 4) Birds in flocks

Lesson 4 :  1) Backyard Bird Photography 2) Feeding stations 3) Creating perches 4} Shooting from blinds

Lesson 5 : 1) Flash with birds 2) Better Beamer tips 3) Creative lighting techniques 4) Remote flash

Recommended equipment:

  • Tripod
  • Camera – DSLR or mirrorless
  • Lenses: wildlife telephoto lens
  • Optional: speed light
  • Optional: Better beamer

Sign up for a spot:

Bird Photography Session 5

March 8-12, 2021 from 3-4:30 pm


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