Back into the Field

Tom and I have plenty to be excited about this month. We just finished our first two sessions of the new online Advanced Landscape Class and the second session of Adobe Portfolio. We will have a list of upcoming classes in October and new classes for November below. To see Tom’s latest work for Nikon on multiple exposures click here

Our biggest news is that our first workshops in the field since the co-vid outbreak start next week. We have two Colorado getaway workshops starting this Sunday. Both of these Elk Rut Workshops are full. We are offering shorter trips, closer to home with fewer people on them (only 6). In October we have our second set of getaways with space available on the Oct 10-13 Rocky Mountain National Park: Night Skies and Elk. At just $999 we expect it to fill soon.

We wanted to share some of the new practices we will be using on these upcoming trips to make sure that our entire group stays safe. We are using these “best practices” after plenty of discussion, research on CDC guidelines and coordination with the National Park Service. These practices will likely change as the health situation changes in the next few months. Before each workshop we have started holding online Zoom pre-trip meetings to discuss which practices are in place ahead of the start of the workshop. We want all participants to feel informed and comfortable with their choice to participate on our workshops.

How we’re addressing COVID-19 at TBPW 

First, we would ask anyone who is feeling sick to stay home. Also, anyone who has had contact with anyone with Covid in the last 14 days we would ask to stay home.  Pretty obvious, but we want everyone feeling healthy before the trip. 

-We will have all meetings and shooting sessions outdoors.  We have decided to only meet outside during these workshops, and won’t be having any lectures indoors during these short workshops.  Outside fresh air is safer than being indoors in groups.

-We will ask everyone to wear a mask, and we will be wearing one as well. 

-We will maintain social distancing as much as possible.

-We won’t directly touch anyone’s camera. 

-We won’t ask anyone to carpool together unless they are with family or close friends and make their own decision to ride together.

-We will do morning temperature checks. Get ready for ‘doctor Tom and Cree’!

-We won’t plan any group dinners at restaurants.  Participants can choose how they plan to eat meals: at the hotel, take out or at local restaurants.

As always, if you have questions about upcoming workshops, please get in touch at

Upcoming Classes

October offerings

Creative Camera Craft: The perfect class for the well rounded photographer who wants to try something new. October 26-Nov 6 Click here to see more. Cost $349

PhotoShop 1: From Lightroom to PhotoShop: The perfect class photographers who know Lightroom and want to start using PhotoShop. October 26-30 Click here to see more. Cost $329

PhotoShop 2: Applied Layers: Learn to use smart objects, blur filters and convert color into compelling black and white images. Nov 2- 6 Click here to see more. Cost $329

PhotoShop 3: Beyond Applies Layers: Our newest class: learn to create painterly images, advanced skies and how to use the blend if function. Nov 2- 6 Click here to see more. Cost $329

All About Texture Overlays: Join Cree for a two day class on making creative images in PhotoShop using your own texture images. This is a great way to practice simple layer use with later masks October 27 & 29 Click here to see more. Cost $149

New Classes:

Look for new online classes in November including:

Bird Photography

High Key Low Key: editing , lighting techniques and more

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