Creative Camera Craft

Available upon request for 5 + participants

Randall and I both agree we have never attended a course where we learned so much. Lynn Satterfield, Dahlonega, Georgia

Cost: $349

Details:  Learn to transform the ordinary to the extraordinary with your camera. Whether you are an engineer or an artist, this class will offer new camera tips and creative solutions in your photography.  Technology has changed what camera settings we use, and how we shoot.  New creative styles are evolving with this new technology.  This class will show you how to approach a variety of subjects, and how camera craft will bring your vision to reality.  Teaching online with small class sizes allows more time to expand on topics and answer questions.  Each class will include an assignment with image review during the next class.  

This class is for all skills levels. Assignments are designed for photographing near home. Each week will include  4.5 hours of demonstrations, editing and photo critique. We will use Zoom to interact online for our 90 minute sessions and then a private Facebook page for follow up postings.

Schedule of topics:

Lesson 1 Monday: 1) The gear you really need 2) Perspective and lens choice 3) Composition beyond the rule of thirds

Lesson 2 Wednesday: 1) The Dimensional Photograph: 10 steps to improve your photography by adding dimension 2) Photographing Motion

Lesson 3 Friday: 1) Powerful Black and White Photos 2) The power of shadow, shape and texture 3) Color Theory explained

Lesson 4 Monday:  Modern In Camera Techniques: double exposure, multiple exposure, Long exposure, ND Filters, Image Overlay

Lesson 5 Wednesday: 1) Creative Lighting Solutions: Artificial light in nature, light painting, on camera speedlight tips 2) Using light with people

Lesson 6 Friday: 1) Celestial events: Photographing the sun, moon and galactic core. 2) Sunstars 3) Lightning triggers

Recommended equipment:

  • Tripod
  • Camera – DSLR or mirrorless
  • Lenses: wide angle to 200mm
  • Optional: speed light
  • Optional: ND filter

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