Photo of the Month – February 2021

Tom and I celebrate the great images being created by our community of photographers each month by selecting a Photo of the Month. For February we selected images by Sherry Reese that she edited in our PhotoShop 2 Class. We hope you enjoy Sherry’s images as much as we do

Congratulations to February 2021 ‘s featured photographer – Sherry Reese

Elk Rut Workshop September 2020

The Story … 

In PhotoShop 2 we had daily assignments to develop our PhotoShop skills. Reviewiing my old photos, I was looking for an image to change the color of something. I thought of the image with the yellow umbrella. I had always wanted to do something better with the image in editing. Before when I tried editing it in Lightroom – I was unsuccessful.

When the PhotoShop 2 class came along, it gave me the skills to remove tricky objects… the guy behind the woman with the umbrella. It wasn’t the umbrella color that I wanted to change. I thought the yellow color was beautiful. It was the green bag in her hand.

I also wanted to mute her surroundings. The sky was blown out and distracting in the background. In PhotoShop 2 I learned how to work with skies by using selection tools and adjustment layers.

After editing the photo, I realized that now it is the picture I was hoping to take in the moment. Tuscany 2018

A low key edit of Tibetan women and a butter lamp

Editing in PhotoShop instead of Lightroom:

PhotoShop is transformational. I could easily leave Lightroom out of my workflow now. In PhotoShop you can do everything and more. And, my workflow is easier now. I don’t have to worry about missing photos or catalogues.

One of my favorite features of PhotoShop is the ease of object removal. My favorite tools to use for this are the spot healing brush and the patch tool. They are both easy to use.

I also like the ability to work in layers in PhotoShop. I can manipulate one part of the image, and leave the other part alone with the use of layer masks.

The PhotoShop high pass filter brings out details of old boats in Scotland

A Tip for using PhotoShop:

I thought PhotoShop was going to be so complicated and that I wouldn’t be able to understand it.

Then I realized that you don’t have to use everything PhotoShop does to make it work for you. It seemed like a mystery before and now it no longer does.

Sherry created the reflection in this image by flipping a layer vertically

On Sherry’s Horizon

Brown Bear Safari in Alaska in June

Hawaii – perhaps without a camera!

Galapagos Islands in August

Sherry on her second trip to Patagonia’s Prieto Moreno Glacier

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