Travel Photography

Session 1: March 15-19 from 5-6:30 pm SMT – SOLD OUT

Session 3: March 15-19 from 10-11:30 am SMT – 2 Spaces Available


Ready to take your travel photography to the next level?  Can’t wait to hit the road this summer? Join Tom and Cree for five days of creative ideas and techniques for travel photography-all online.  After photographing over 80 countries and frequently shooting assignments for tourism bureaus and travel publications, we have some tips to help you learn new techniques.

Travel photography combines numerous genres of image making.  We’ll show you how to style and light food photography in a restaurant…before you eat it!  We’ll explore the nuances of light and motion in street photography, and what ten steps all street photographers should follow.  Learn how to use available light for better portraits, and how to use one speedlight for more creative possibilities. 

Tired of seeing popular squares and plazas loaded with people?  Learn how we photograph popular locations on assignment, and how to turn crowding into a creative shot.  We’ll explain what travel magazine editors look for in travel photography, and what images help you create a powerful narrative of your trip.

This class is designed for photographers who want to expand their areas of expertise. All assignments are designed for photographing at home, or close to home. Each day will include  90 minutes of demonstrations, tips, techniques and editing suggestions. We will use Zoom to interact online for our sessions

Route 66

Schedule of topics:

Monday :  Street Photography: 10 Tenets

Tuesday: Food Photography: order it, shoot it, eat it.

Wednesday : Architectural Photography

Thursday: Portraits on the Road

Friday : The Travel Narrative: think like an Editor

Recommended equipment:

  • Tripod
  • Camera – DSLR or mirrorless
  • Lenses: Wide angle to 200mm
  • Optional: Speed light

Sign up for a spot:

Session 1 Travel Photography

March 15-19 from 5-6:30 pm SMT


Session 3 Travel Photography

Dates: March 15-19 from 10-11:30 am SMT


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