Online Classes for June

Ready to get creative at home? 

Learn new photography skills from the comfort of your own kitchen table. Our first two online macro classes are half way finished and we are having a great time sharing technique demos, editing tips and seeing each other’s work in image critics.

We have added a new session of the macro class from June 1-12 and it is filling fast. Here is a link to learn more about the class:

June Macros  Read More

Interested in becoming better at editing?

How many times have you wished that you could learn to edit better, but just didn’t have the time? There is no time like the present. If you are new to digital editing or not confident in your skills, we recommend the first class below. If you are adept at Lightroom and want to learn key skills in PhotoShop, we recommend the second. Both classes are only $329 and run for 5 days in a row with interactive 90 minute sessions on Zoom. Even better, take both classes back to back and get the benefit of improving your skills in both programs. 

Basic Lightroom                      Read more

  • Daily classes M-F from June 1-5
  • Library and develop models
  • Organize your images
  • Edit with sliders, brushes and filters

From Lightroom to PhotoShop    

  • Daily classes M-F from June 8-12
  • Removing large and small objects
  • Texture Overlays
  • Portrait editing
  • Selections and specialty filters


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