Photo of the Month – October 2019

Tom and I want to celebrate the great images being created on our workshops by posting a photograph each month from one of our workshops that best captures the environment or people of that location.

Congratulations to October’s photographer – Nagendra Narayan


Nagendra Narayan on the Sedona Workshop

The Story:

It is good to look in a different direction. Everyone was looking at Cathedral Rock and I decided to look at the surroundings. What attracted me was the silhouette of the juniper tree, the buttes, and the moon. I wanted to capture the transition of night to day….the cool night to the warm day. That was the image I was trying to take. The phases of the moon always attract me, full moon, half moon, harvest moon. Capturing the moon for scale in this image was important. The stars were already gone because of the twilight.

Photo of the Month

The Location: 

Sedona was beautiful. It is a great location for intricate abstract images with  beautiful colors and tones (see Nagendra’s image below). That was both exciting and challenging. There were so many objects and distractions. You have to focus on what you want the viewer’s eyes to see. I created an image devoid of distractions……simplified to focus on the transition from night to day.

An abstract by Nagendra

The Data: Nikon D850, 24-70 mm lens 1/15 at f8 ISO 64 Manual mode

Photo Tip from the Photographer: 

It is important to imagine yourself in the location before you shoot. You have to feel the location. This helps to release creative ideas. You have to be patient and prepared…..patient for the right time and prepared for the right light to hit. There is only a few moments when the light is perfect.

On the Horizon:

  • Patagonia


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