Photo of the Month – July 2019

Tom and I want to celebrate the great images being created on our workshops by posting a photograph each month from one of our workshops that best captures the environment or people of that location.

Congratulations to July’s featured photographer – Bob Foster

Crescent City 07242017 - BobFosterReview 3

The Story:

“We stopped at a roadside location and Tom went running down the trail to scout for a good spot to shoot. We all congregated where he stopped.  I took the shot along with everyone else.

Before then, I wandered to a spot which I thought might be good, but the light had not reached it yet. After taking the group shot, I decided to try that location again. I ended up 150 feet down the path and the scene opened up. I bracketed using 1 stop for 5 shots. Nobody else came down there. It being me, I asked “what’s around the corner.

The Location: 

The redwoods location is pretty amazing. You have to stretch as a photographer to get a good shot. It is different in the redwood forest than photographing a wide sweeping landscape in the mountains. The variety and diversity in the coastal redwoods is spectacular. There were times where I let my camera hang at my side and just wandered through the beauty.

The Data:

Nikon Z7, 14-30mm f4.5  1 sec, f11, ISO 1000

Photo Tip from the Photographer: 

Take the path least traveled. Turn around, look the other way.  In tough lighting conditions, use bracketing.

On the Horizon:

  • Route 66 in 2020
  • The Apostle Islands in Northern Wisconsin
  • The Bahamas by sailboat


Click on this link to read Tom’s take on the Nikon Z7 – Bob used the Z7 throughout the trip.


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