Photo of the Month – May 2019

Tom and I want to celebrate the great images being created on our workshops. Starting this month, we will be posting a photograph from one of our workshops that best captures the environment or people of that location.

Congratulations to our first photographer – GLENN MAY

Glenn Yellowstone spring_0991

The Story:

“I started out using my 600mm lens. I grabbed as many face shots as I could get. I took a glimpse of the meadow behind me. I was fortunate enough to have my other lenses with me. I grabbed my 70-200mm. I only took three clicks before the bears moved out of the meadow into the trees. I wish I had more. The adrenaline of getting the bears up close was intense.  I remember that I paused, took a look at the meadow and got the other lens on quickly. I stayed calm and got the shot.”

The Location: 

I highly recommend Yellowstone in the spring for up front and close newborns – cubs, calves and even the birds. I am going back next year. I have already made my reservations.

The Data:

Nikon D500, 70-200mm, 1/60, F11, ISO 500

Photo Tip from the Photographer: 

Use auto ISO. If you are going to shoot wildlife where things are happening quickly, try using auto ISO and shoot wide open.

On the Horizon:

The waterfalls in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest


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