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Greetings Photographers!

Happy summer from Fort Collins, Colorado! Tom and I just returned from a short trip to Utah to photograph landscapes and the night sky. Tom will be using some of those images in his brand new class Advanced Landscapes. We saw very few people in Capitol Reef National Park or Escalante National Monument during the height of summer. We especially loved having the place mostly to ourselves at night.

Online Classes

Our first round of speedlight classes in early August was a big success. Students used gels and softboxes to photograph everything from stemware to film noir in a phone booth in Iowa. If you are looking for ways to stay creative and learn something new, it is not too late to get involved. We have five online classes coming up via Zoom in the next few months. To read more or sign up, just click on the title of the class to learn more:

All About Speedlights:  Whether you own a dedicated speed light or are brand new to flash photography, we will teach you all about speed lights! Even better, we’ll show you how to get started for less than $100 in gear. Transform flat gray urban scenes into moody, compelling photos using a single speed light. Create a compelling travel portrait in 5 minutes. August 24-28 M-F 4-5:30 pm Cost $329

Advanced Landscapes:  Ready to take your landscapes to the next level. This class targets advanced concepts that are not normally covered during our workshops. Learn to create emotion, meaning and purpose in your landscapes while also learning new technical skills like focus stacking and maximizing acuity in your images.  Sept 14-18 MWF from 5-6:30 Cost $249

PhotoShop for Landscapes and Travel: From Lightroom to PhotoShop:  Learn the basics of PhotoShop for photographers in just 5 days. We will spend 1.5 days reviewing tools to remove objects. We also cover working with layers, layer masks and changing backgrounds. Oct 26-30 from 2-3:30 M-F Cost $329

PhotoShop for Landscapes and Travel: Applied Layers:  Interested in moving beyond using simple tools in PhotoShop for your landscape and travel images? This class is the perfect progression from our ” PhotoShop for Landscape and Travel Part 1″ class. We will take your understanding of tools, layers and masking in PhotoShop and apply it to new ways to take on landscape and travel images.  Think of this as an applied PhotoShop class. Nov 2-6 from 2-3:30 M-F Cost $329

Creative Camera Craft:  Learn to transform the ordinary to the extraordinary with your camera. Whether you are an engineer or an artist, this class will offer new camera tips and creative solutions in your photography.  Technology has changed what camera settings we use, and how we shoot.  New creative styles are evolving with this new technology.  This class will show you how to approach a variety of subjects, and how camera craft will bring your vision to reality. Oct 26-Nov 6 from 5-6:30 M-F Cost $329

Not what you are looking for? We also offer Private Editing Lessons if one on one is more your style!

See all of our online classes by clicking here

Update on Workshops in the Field

Like many of you, Tom and I can hardly wait to get back in the field and teach workshops in person. We have been continuing to monitor the news on covid19 and are developing our own covid protocol for trips. We plan to hold meetings on Zoom before trips to discuss our safety guidelines and recommendations before trips depart.

Colorado Getaways

We launched our first “Colorado Getaways” Workshops last month. These trips are designed to be shorter, less expensive and have fewer people on them. Both sessions of the Elk Rut in Colorado filled within two days of our last newsletter. We will be adding a new set of dates for the elk workshop and 2 Colorado Getaway Night Sky Workshops in the next few weeks.

We love hearing from you and seeing your work on social media. If you are a facebook user, please consider joining our private group called Photos for Inspiration TBPW at https://www.facebook.com/groups/653824312128583. We encourage our supporters to use this site to share their current work and receive supportive feedback from the TBPW community. We feel very lucky to have your in our community!

If you are signed up for a workshop and have any questions about it’s status, please get in touch at creetbp@gmail.com or (907) 631-9383  

Warm regards to all of you!

Cree and Tom

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