Live Image Review

“Time and money incredibly well spent. Your reviewing and analyzing photos feature is a fantastic experience for any photographer who wants to grow and learn. Your insights into technique, composition, processing, details, and even marketing choices are incredibly helpful and apply to all aspects of the photographic process — from techniques and ideas to consider before shooting through nurturing those ideas throughout the shooting and post-processing process. All the while, you’re also planting ideas about exciting new ways to apply these techniques and knowledge as starting points for raising the level and quality of my future photography shoots.                          Stuart Litoff – Washington DC

Dates: Scheduled at your convenience

Details: You select the images and we share live feedback with you on Zoom or Skype. We will schedule the session and contact you in advance to find out what you are interested in learning about.

What is included:

  • Pre-session consultation to determine your interest and goals for the review
  • Private 45 minute review session to critique up to 20 images on Zoom, FaceTime or Skype
  • Recording of the session if using Zoom

Live Image Review

Private feedback on up to 20 images in a 45 minute Zoom or Skype session


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