2022 Schedule

Winter Wildlife in Yellowstone SOLD OUT

Location: West Yellowstone

February 9-12, 2022 – SOLD OUT

Cost: $3499, $500 non-refundable deposit due upon sign up.

Winter Yellowstone is a magical place.  The crowds of summer are gone, the landscape is shrouded in white, and the bison plow trails through the deep snow.  Turquoise thermal pools and rivers remain unfrozen, and the steam freezes into delicate ice crystals on the trees and vegetation.  This winter wonderland is a photographer’s paradise.

During this workshop we have hired a private coach to transport us through the park.  With only five participants, you will have ample space for your gear and telephoto lens on the seat beside you.  We will be out in the park photographing for three full days, exploring different areas each day.  Based in West Yellowstone, each morning starts with a drive along the Madison River, a major wildlife corridor.  In years past we have seen bobcat, wolves, coyotes and plenty of bison in this area. 

Death Valley – SOLD OUT

Death Valley, CA.
Death Valley, CA.

Dates: Feb 2-6, 2022                 Read More                

Location: Death Valley National Park, California 

Cost: $1499                                          

Details:  This workshop is all about photographing beautiful landscapes and night skies in one of America’s most unique national parks.  We have scheduled this workshop around a new moon so we can spend dawn and dusk in golden light and keep photographing when the night stars come out. More details will be posted in early March.

Northern Lights in Fairbanks – 3 Spaces Available


Session 1: Feb 20-26, 20223 Spaces Available       Read More                       

Session 2: Feb 27-Mar 5, 2022   – 3 Spaces Available                 

Location: Fairbanks, Alaska  

Cost: $4099 double occupancy, $600 single supplement                                        

Details:  There is no more reliable place to photograph the northern lights than Fairbanks in the winter.  Our group will stay in the Marriott on the Fairbanks waterfront as we explore local aurora hot spots and learn how to photograph the northern lights. This is the time of year when the aurora is very active. We will stay out late capturing the northern skies and sleep in to rejuvenate.

Sicily, Italy with Strabo Tours – SOLD OUT

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 4.02.50 PM

Dates: March 13-24, 2022                               Read more       

Description: Join Tom and Cree to explore Sicily’s rich history, beauty, arts and culture. You will photograph and walk among some of the best-preserved Greek ruins in the world; Roman mosaics, baroque palaces, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites are steps away from our private transport. Hear the ancient myths on the sites where they happened, explore hilltop villages, enjoy Sicilian cuisine, and last but not least taste the Sicilian wine. We walk in the footsteps of monsters and heroes, from Cyclops, Odysseus, Aeneas, Sappho, Empedocles, Theocritus, and Archimedes, to Bellini, Garibaldi, and WWII allied armies, Mafia dons, Giovanni Falcone, and Inspector Montalbano. As the greatest scholars and travelers have known, Sicily is the key to understanding Italy and our Greco-Roman Heritage

This workshop is hosted by Strabo Tours

Cost: $4995 double occupancy

Costa Rica Workshop – 1 Space Available


Session 1 Dates: April 4-11, 2022 SOLD OUT

Session 2 Dates: April 11-18, 2022 1 Space Available

Read More

Location: Crocodile Bay, Costa Rica

Cost: $4799 double occupancy, $800 single supplement, $1500 deposit due upon registration.

Description: One of the things that impressed us the most about this resort is how incredible the photography is on the grounds.  Expect to wake up each morning listening to scarlet macaws in the almond trees near your room, and howler monkeys  ‘howling’ in the distance.  The resort grounds include an estuary with breeding snowy egrets, green herons, green kingfishers and boat-billed herons.  Other trails lead to the beach and through the forest where you will see toucans and perhaps a sloth hanging in the trees. Golden-headed Caracaras and roadside hawks are common, and you can practice your panning technique as they fly past your room. 

Each day we have set up excursions to photograph the spectacular wildlife and rainforests of the Osa Peninsula.  One of my favorite things to do in Costa Rica is photograph reptiles like red-eyed tree frogs and tiny, colorful dart frogs. We will work with professional guides who will set up still life scenes with tree frogs and snakes so you can focus on getting the shot in the perfect (safe) setting.  This is a great time to work on your macro photography, and experiment with flash.  

Texas Birds in Spring – SOLD OUT


Session 1: April 26-May 1, 2022 – SOLD OUT Read More  

Session 2: May 2-7, 2022 – SOLD OUT                                       

Location: McAllen, Texas                                    

Cost: $2699.00

Details: If you are looking to take your wildlife photography to the next level, we have the trip for you.  Come join us for warm weather bird and wildlife photography from the amazing ranch blinds of South Texas.  For this workshop we are heading down south just in time for Painted Bunting and oriole season!

Photographing birds from a blind may change the way you plan your future photography trips. By setting up perches and using bird food to lure them in, the birds will come to you. South Texas is a mecca for bird photography blinds. On this trip we will spend several days learning to photography exotic South Texas species from some of the best bird photography ranches in the country.  On our last trip there we shot thousands of images in only a few days.  We will have exclusive use of the ranches and multiple blinds each day.

Spain: Andalusia with Strabo Tours  – 2 Spaces Available

Alhambra, Granada, Spain.

Dates: May 13-25, 2022                                     Read more 

Description: Join Tom and Cree as they partner with Strabo Tours to offer a trip through the best locations in Southern Spain, home to the Flamenco culture.  The beauty of it’s remarkable architecture and breathtaking landscape will entrance you, while the diversity and warmth of it’s culture will captivate you.

Nome: Arctic Birds & Musk Ox – SOLD OUT

Nome, Alaska.

Dates: June 6-11, 2022           Read More

Location: Nome, Alaska

Description: Nome, Alaska is world famous for its rare and abundant bird life, and we want to share this fabulous location with you.  Nome is located on the Seward Peninsula on the west coast of Alaska.  With only plane and boat access, this unique town blends rustic Alaska life with stunning access to tundra, arctic wildlife and the Bering Sea.  Asiatic bird species, many only regularly seen in the Nome area, are common and easily photographed.

Another focus of this trip will be photographing the mammals in the area, including Musk Oxen. Herds of Musk Ox roam the tundra near Nome, and we should have great photographic opportunities with these unique animals.  We might also see red fox, caribou, moose and grizzly bears   

Cost: $3899, single supplement $4399                             Limited to 6 people

Badlands 2022  – SOLD OUT

Wall, South Dakota. Badlands NP
Wall, South Dakota. Badlands NP

Dates: June 15-19, 2022                            Read more

Wall, South Dakota                                       Cost: $1399

Details: Badlands National Park is a mesmerizing land of multi-hued rock formations and abundant wildlife. The expansive views in the park give way to roaming herds of bison and big horn sheep. In early June, the prairie grass is green and provides a vibrant contrast to roaming mammals.  Thunderstorms frequently rip through the park and create spectacular cloudscapes and lightning. Sunrise and sunset will be spent in the park capturing dramatic landscapes. During the midday hours we will visit a ghost town and focus on wildlife photography. Our trip will be based out of Wall, South Dakota, a town filled with colorful cowboy boots and local characters.

Glacier National Park, – SOLD OUT

Glacier National Park, MT

Dates: July 6-10, 2022 Read More

Location: St Mary’s Cost: $1499

Details:  Glacier National Park,  located on the northern edge of the Big Sky Country is a photographer’s paradise. It is a land of huge turquoise lakes, snow capped peaks and fields of beautiful wildflowers. The graphic shapes and colors of the peaks are reflected at first and last light in the glacier lakes that dot the park.  Spring flowers such as shooting star, Indian paint brush and the iconic bear grass provide endless macro photography opportunities. Grizzly bear, moose, mountain goats, bighorn sheep and deer wander through the park, within easy access of hiking trails.

We have timed our trip to coincide with the Native American Indian Days in nearby Browning, Montana. We will spend an afternoon of the workshop at this annual gathering of native peoples, photographing the vivid colors and motion of authentic dancing and music making.

Bears and GlaciersSOLD OUT

Bear and Glaciers 2022

Dates: July 11-16, 2022 Read More

Location: Lake Clark National Park Cost: $6989

Details: Join Tom and Cree for a photographic adventure in Alaska with two icons: Alaskan brown bears and glaciers. We start in Anchorage for a welcome dinner and fly to our comfortable lodge at Silver Salmon Creek in Lake Clark National Park to photograph coastal brown bears as they graze on sedge grasses and dig for clams in the mud flats.  The bear density in this area is remarkable; we will spend our days photographing bears as well as other wildlife including red fox and eagles. We may also spend a morning photographing puffin by small boat.

GalapagosSOLD OUT

Portrait of two Marine Iguanas on Galapagos

New Dates: July 28-August 7, 2022 Read More

Location: Quito, Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands Cost: $7989 double occupancy

Details:  Join Tom and Cree aboard the SS Mary Anne to sail through the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador. We chose an eastern route through the Galapagos Islands with a focus on wildlife and iconic landscapes.  We’ve done this route before, and the wildlife photography is incredible. We chose our dates to coincide with the birthing season for sea lions, so expect many pups on the beach.  August is nesting season as well for many birds. Blue-footed boobies and albatross will be nesting, in addition to countless other bird species we will photograph including red footed boobies, frigate birds, flamingos and tropic birds.  

Greenland Disko Bay & Iceland, – SOLD OUT

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 1.17.25 PM

Dates: August 12-21, 2022                 Read More  

Location: Iceland and Disko Bay Greenland

Description: Greenland is a destination high up on the bucket list of many, and for good reason. The local landscape is unspoiled and spectacular. The weather and climate can be unforgiving, although August is one of the warmest, with average high for the month being low 60’s. All these elements align and make Greenland every photographer’s dream. Ilulissat, the official Greenlandic word for iceberg, is a town located on the west coast, right at the mouth of the Icefjord. Ilulissat is the third largest town in Greenland, with approximately 4500 residents. The Ilulissat Icefjord, Disko Bay, is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and the fjord is filled with giant icebergs from the most productive glacier in the northern hemisphere. 

This workshop is hosted by Strabo Tours

Cost: $9295 double occupancy, $1295 single occupancy additional charge

Brown Bear Safari 2022 – SOLD OUT

Katmai National Park, Alaska.

Dates: August 31-September 7, 2022                 Read More  

Location: Illiamna, Alaska

Details: Photographing brown bears in Alaska is a bucket list trip for wildlife photographers. Bristol Bay hosts one of the largest salmon runs in the world. The  Sockeye salmon attract bears….and the number of bears are staggering. On this trip we photograph boars, sows and plenty of cubs….often chasing bright red salmon up the streams.

Lofoten, Norway, – 1 Space Available


Dates: September 11-18, 2022                 Read More  

Location: Lofoton, Norway

Description: Join this 8 day arctic adventure in the Lofoten Islands of Northern Norway. The Lofoten Islands are located north of the Arctic Circle. The archipelago consists of seven principal islands with only 24,000 inhabitants. Highlights of the trip include autumn landscapes, jagged mountains, colorful fjords and possibly a chance to photograph the Aurora Borealis aka Northern Lights. 

Cost: $5989 double occupancy, $6499 single occupancy

New Zealand – SOLD OUT


Dates: September 22-October 3, 2022       Read more     

Queenstown to Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand              

Timed to photograph New Zealand in the peak of Spring season, this workshop covers an impressive variety of awe-inspiring South Island landscapes. In September, snow-draped mountain ranges abound and the soft, clear light offers excellent shooting conditions. We will be photographing many of New Zealand’s iconic landscapes, including Aoraki (Mt. Cook) and the Southern Alps, Fiordland National Park, Milford Sound, Wanaka, Fox Glacier and Lake Matheson. During a cruise on Milford Sound we hope to photograph the rare Fiordland Crested Penguin, Dusky Dolphins, albatross, petrels and other marine bird species. Match all of this with comfortable lodging, Kiwi cuisine, a tour in the wine country and we are in for a great photographic adventure.

Acadia Fall Colors – SOLD OUT

acadia national park
Cadillac Mountain

Dates: October 9-13, 2022                 Read More  

Location: Bar Harbor, Maine

Description: Acadia National Park is one of our favorite fall destinations.  Imagine photographing misty lakes lined by red maples and yellow birch while loons wail in the distance?  Or how about photographing sunrise along the rocky coast as waves swirl around polished boulders?  And after photography sessions you can savor fresh blueberry pancakes at breakfast and Maine lobster at dinner.  You get the picture….we love this area!

Cost: $1549

Botswana & Zimbabwe – 2 Spaces Available

Dates: November 11-22, 2022                         Read More

Location: Botswana & Zimbawe

Cost: $11,550 per person sharing, single supplement $850

Patagonia – SOLD OUT


Dates: November 29-December 9, 2022           Read More  

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cost: $7749 double occupancy, $1100 single supplement

Twenty five years ago Tom and I pushed our sea kayaks off a rocky beach into the pristine waters of Seno Aysen in Patagonia. We began a two month sea kayak journey deep into remote fjords and rainforest rarely visited by anyone. We encountered exotic wildlife, rolled our kayaks while penguins swam past, and read Darwin journey entries about the areas we were visiting. We were so far off the grid that we couldn’t find accurate tide charts for the fjords we were exploring. After 62 days of paddling, we were spellbound by Patagonia. We’ve been returning ever since to this spectacular area. Patagonia is a region defined by jaw-dropping landscapes, abundant wildlife and rich gaucho culture. We’ve been working with the same guide for over 20 years, and have specifically designed this photo tour to experience the best Patagonia has to offer in both Argentina and Chile.
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