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  1. You know, sometimes the word “WOW” says more than other times. This is one of those times………..WOW and MORE WOW! You two are simply amazing!

  2. Hi Cree, It looks like you had a successful workshop.  Could you tell me what focal length you typically had for those shots of the birds (and maybe the other wildlife)? I have shots of birds and some wildlife that satisfy me which I took from a blind in South Africa using my 28-300mmand am undecided as to whether I would need something stronger (the birds Texas, Australia/Tasmania, Morocco,Scotland, etc). I am wrestling with whether I cough up the money to get a Tamron 150-600mm as I am not sure how much I would really need it or whether I could just as well keep shooting with my 28-300(w/1.4 extender if needed). I know you cannot tell me what to do but, given these future trips, would my 28-300 be sufficient? Thankyou,John

    1. Hi John! Tom here…the 150-600 is a better choice for the wildlife, but probably too much for general travel…the 28-300 would be better for those trips…short answer here is your 28-300 would probably work fine, but having a longer lens would be great for Texas birds and Australia…I’m bringing a 1.4x and my 70-200mm as my ‘long lens’ to Morocco… can’t wait!

  3. Hi there John, Tom says he will get back to you with his recommendations. I have been using the new Nikon 500PF lens. It is wonderful……and on back order for up to a year!

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